The Royal Wedding

While the A to Z Challenge was coming to an end.
A Royal wedding took place at Westminster Abbey.
Between Pince William and Catherine Middleton,
It was a spectacular sight too see.

On the arm of her father Catherine
Arrived all serene.
If she was nervous it didn't show,
Again a joyous scene.

The service was "A simple Affair"
As Royal weddings go.
A few hymns were sung,
As the TV camera's did show.

The ceremony over they went to Buckingham Palace,
In an open carriage through the streets of London.
The waiting crowds at vantage points
Cheered and Cheered "Diana's" eldest son.

It was a lovely occasion, the weather lovely too.
Crowds waited for a scene they did not want to miss
It was on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace
The Prince and his new Princess stole a loving kiss.