American splendor
A pop carnavale
The greedy get famous
The poor rot in jail
The glitter and star light

Is doing its job:
Distract and divide while
They rape, kill and rob.
Is that a pimple on my face?
Oh, I'm such a big disgrace!

I can't keep it all together as I should.
The only explanation's I'm no good.
I want too much. I need to much.
I never learned to mind my p's and q's.
I didn't toe the line and pay my dues.

Now my dreams,
Oozing day by day,
Bleed out
With the atmosphere.
What am I even saying?

If the right people hear, surely
It's a treasonous crime.
And, unlike those
Whitehouse lackeys
I may well end in a cell doing time.

Samantha's Monster

A monster?
More like a reverse butterfly,
A noble creature turning into a worm.

Samantha is not the power,
That is corrupting brave Hillary.
I say this not in anger, but in sorrow.

Turning in principles for power,
Is selling your soul in bits and pieces.
Eventually you become something.

That is called a monster in archetypal realms.
Being a monster does not show up in birth charts.
It can happen to anyone.

Blowing through Life

I drink them in,
Your words
Of lithe and light
And falling into meaning.

Hot, parched soul that I bring
To party through the changing,
Moods and captured essence
Enrapturing liquid emotion.
Capturing brief moments,
Dripping down my throat like song.

Blowing through life,
Into a magical canyon
Stygian rain ignites
Wandering visions.

Madness unbound
By resplendent derision,
Rocks into devastation of lullabies
Expressed through Lilithian eyes,
Way past the limits
Of light and reason.

In a gentle corner,
Made of more glorious dreams.
Love's candle burns
Warming celestial clay
New worlds orgasmic in grace,
Explore passion.

A Writer's New Year

This list is not necessarily in working order. Just listed as they popped into my head.

1. Finish and publish a short story
2. Blog 3x a week
3. Secrets outline by February 1
4. Rough draft of Secrets by April 1
5. Write two dozen flash fictions pieces
6. Write two dozen drabbles
7. Write six short stories
8. Compile the dozens into an e-book
9. Find readers for Secrets
10. Find readers for e-book and post very short reviews on book page and other sites
11. Read two dozen books
12. Find and read Christie books or stories I've missed
13. Read at least three books on writing
14. Make better use of the writers programs I'm in
15. Find freelance work

Some of the writing is well on its way but for whatever reason was never completed. Hopefully this will be my incentive. I love marking things off, don't you?