Capricorn Full Moon Reflection

Walking the streets,
Riding subways
Subterranean consciousness,
Ethereal siamese twin
To the everyday.

Shadow and substance
Entwined as before
The invasion.
I long to tell you,
Yearn to tell you,
But only if you truly listen.

I cannot say these things twice.
Memories seep through,
Acquire form.
Stand straight and true
As soldiers or Marines
Giving full allegiance
To any who will take that load.

There are Gods lying in excrement
Begging relief in the form
Of sacrament
Potent and deadly.
There are Angels and
Demons waging war,
Dice from a grail
Foresaging trial or comfort.

Hungry Ghosts wail.
Vampires and Creatures
Of the night
Seek shelter before the
Travails of daytime
Break them.
I saw the Morning Star
Wink salaciously.

In my kingdom
All manner of creatures thrive.
Eagles soar.
Lions roar.
Whales sing.
Humans open a
veiled third eye.
The World rejoices.

Fragile as a Butterfly

As fragile as a butterfly
That's the beat of my heart.
It's been that way,
Since the day we had to part.

As fragile as a butterfly,
My confidence took a nose dive.
It took some time to retain it,
And today I feel so alive.

I don't take life or people for granted,
But treat them with respect.
For they too are as fragile as a butterfly
That's what I've come to expect.

People who try to make decisions for me,
Are way out of their league.
"I am what I am"
That's what I believe.

To those who do not know me,
I'm honest and wouldn't hurt a fly.
And to myself I'm true.
Positive yes! but fragile as a butterfly.

Recipe for Hapiness

Find the recipe for happiness,
Then you my friend have struck gold.
Laughter is contagious better to catch that
Than a nasty cold.

Kindness is another ingredient,
That happiness depends.
As you go about your day.
A helping hand please lend.

Generousity is also there
Not of wealth but time.
Don't go about with closed eyes
Like someone who is blind.

We all have our crosses to bear
Some are leaders. others not.
So let's count our blessings
For the things in life we've got.