I Cannot Make...

I cannot make you want me,
That will never do.
Your love has to come from your heart
Like my love for you.

I used to wipe the tears from your eyes
And ease away your pain.
When you tripped over life's problems
Time and time again.

You above all people should know
How fragile life can be.
Why can't you give me a ring
And say "Hello it's only me"

My calls have gone unanswered,
This I make quite clear.
If there are any problems,
I'd be right here for you dear.

As I look out to sea,
Out onto the horizon.
My only wish at the present time
Is the return of my "Lost " son.

Reflections on The A to Z Challange

This being the second A to Z I've participiated,
It was certainly all I hoped it would be.
I've made some fantastic new friends
Thanks to the A to Z.

Along with friends from last year,
My followers are now many more.
My one wish is we stay acquainted
After all that's what's blogging is for.

I wish I could have visited more blogs
For the entries exceeded all expectations.
In all honesty I did by best,
But there were so many from all different nations.

I have learned quite alot about so many things
As each blog is unique in its own way.
It was certainly a pleasure to communicate
Each and every day.

My thanks go to the team
Who organised the event.
For the month of April.
To me The A to Z challenge was... Heaven Sent.

On The Shelves

Today is a "RedLetter Day" for Alex J.Cavanaugh,
For his long awaited book "Cassa Star" will be on the shelves.
It promises to be an excellent book,
If you doubt me take a look for yourselves.

Tenacity and hard work has played a part,
Months of planning it's took.
Faith in ones self and dedication
Must be some of the ingredients of writing a book.

This wonderful creation of Alex's,
I'm sure it will be a success.
I wish him all the luck in the world,
I couldn't wish him anything less.

To you Alex have a wonderful day,
May "Cassa Star" fly high.
When I have my copy I'll let you know,
I hope it's easy to buy.