A Writer's New Year

This list is not necessarily in working order. Just listed as they popped into my head.

1. Finish and publish a short story
2. Blog 3x a week
3. Secrets outline by February 1
4. Rough draft of Secrets by April 1
5. Write two dozen flash fictions pieces
6. Write two dozen drabbles
7. Write six short stories
8. Compile the dozens into an e-book
9. Find readers for Secrets
10. Find readers for e-book and post very short reviews on book page and other sites
11. Read two dozen books
12. Find and read Christie books or stories I've missed
13. Read at least three books on writing
14. Make better use of the writers programs I'm in
15. Find freelance work

Some of the writing is well on its way but for whatever reason was never completed. Hopefully this will be my incentive. I love marking things off, don't you?

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