American splendor
A pop carnavale
The greedy get famous
The poor rot in jail
The glitter and star light

Is doing its job:
Distract and divide while
They rape, kill and rob.
Is that a pimple on my face?
Oh, I'm such a big disgrace!

I can't keep it all together as I should.
The only explanation's I'm no good.
I want too much. I need to much.
I never learned to mind my p's and q's.
I didn't toe the line and pay my dues.

Now my dreams,
Oozing day by day,
Bleed out
With the atmosphere.
What am I even saying?

If the right people hear, surely
It's a treasonous crime.
And, unlike those
Whitehouse lackeys
I may well end in a cell doing time.

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